Brief info

From the earliest age Juno would display some of the character traits that would follow her for life, such as barking. Juno enjoyed a good chat, this involved barking and growling her head off. It is believed that sometimes she just likes a chat, other times she is complaining or she just likes the sound of her own voice.

One of her typical dog like peculiarities is going through phases of eating anything and everything (such as shoes, wood, and other animals). She is always interested in whatever you are eating e.g. pasta, sandwiches, chips etc. Perhaps her favourite fast food is KFC, bring home this stuff and her eyes light up! While you're eating this she'll be your best friend in the world, at least until the chicken runs out.

One Her main activities in the household is watching TV, attacking her toys (in a very 'interesting' manner), waiting at the gate for a cat or the postie to bark at, and walking through and eating my garden. Juno likes food, car rides, the rug in front of the fire, walks at the park and swimming. Juno dislikes cats, being patted the 'wrong' way, the postie, my friends anywhere near her bone.

Juno is sharp, clever, prey driven, work orientated, hugely independent, not really a cuddler, fearsome when she wanted to be. She is the toughest dog I've ever brought up but shes been the biggest reward ever. Taught me so much more about dogs than I knew when I got her. Her independence as a 8 week old puppy was staggering, really was happy to be by herself from that young. Juno just blossomed into so much more than I was expecting! She looks out for everyone, very much a protector.

Juno loves going to the dog club to socialize with other dogs and she fell in love with a corgi, even separating them at the club they would cry for each other (maybe it was a docked tail thing). Juno is super intelligent and could learn anything shown once. She would do anything that's asked of her including opening the door and retrieving a biscuit from the bottom of a bucket of water. She ended up being the obedience show dog at the club.

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